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Stefano Tirelli

Stefano Tirelli was born in Milan on June 11th 1969, he early began his sports training and only 22 years old he obtained a FIGC license as a football coach. In 1993 he graduated at the Higher Institute of Physical Education at the Catholic University of Milan (110/110) with a thesis entitled ” African football and sport: perspectives and methodologies of physical training.” In subsequent years he continued his medical and scientific training by attending courses and seminars in Milan, Brazil, Vietnam and Thailand. In 2002 earned a second degree in Sports Science (110/110) always at the Catholic University of Milan, with a thesis entitled “Complementary Sports Medicine and Shiatsu within football players”

Chi Sono Stefano Tirelli

Stefano Tirelli is the creator and founder of the Complementary Sports Techniques and he is also a lecturer at The Catholic University of Milan since 2004. Moreover, since the beginning of the 2000s, Stefano Tirelli has been called by various internationally renowned sports teams and athletes to use the method he conceived. In 2008 he founded in Milan Studio Stefano Tirelli, an excellence center that Italian and international athletes use for their training.
Stefano Tirelli has contributed to the development of a line of high-performance technical sportswear.
To learn more about it: D.FENSTEC