Tecartherapy is a treatment of bio-stimulation of the deep tissues of the body that combines the power produced by the manual action and the energy produced by TECAR®.

Tecartherapy reactivates the natural physiological processes of tissue metabolism recalling the electric charges by the whole body (and not transferring from the outside) by the physical principle of the capacitor, and is therefore a non-invasive treatment. Tecartherapy allows the patient to feel a sharp and rapid reduction in pain after the first few sessions and promotes functional recovery by acting selectively on the treated area. Tecartherapy is a specific treatment, painless and with no contraindications (except for pregnant women and for people with pacemakers). A session of Tecartherapy takes about 20 minutes, massaging the affected area with specific electrodes, which promote tissue regeneration and speed up the healing process of the disease. Tecartherapy is particularly useful for fractures, arthritis, arthropathy deficit and joints, degenerative paintings, epicondylitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain, low back pain and sciatica, arthritis, tendonitis. Moreover it is listed in rehabilitation programs after surgery and when it is not possible to work with a manual therapy (for example, in the case of muscle strain, lymphoedema, Baker’s cyst, keloid).