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Studio Stefano Tirelli

Studio Stefano Tirelli is a center of excellence located in Milan in the new heart of the city. Aimed at finding well-being and good health, at the training of operators in Complementary Sports Techniques and at the sharing of ideas and culture.

Head and founder of the Studio of Via Galilei at number 6 in Milan is Stefano Tirelli, Doctor of Physical and Sports Education, professor at the Catholic University of Milan and international renown trainer.

Studio Stefano Tirelli is a comfortable and functional place where provide services and performance acts to maintain or restore the balance of wealth.

Peculiarities and specificity that distinguishes the work of Professor Tirelli is the practice of scientifically proven techniques derived from physical education and from methodologies of energy optimization and balancing.

Studio Stefano Tirelli is a rehabilitation center after trauma, injuries, muscle problems and postural problems. The Studio is the right place for sportsman and not which had a physical trauma and want to have a custom non-invasive rehabilitation. In fact Stefano Tirelli studies rehabilitative solutions adapted to every single person, also thanks to the collaboration of his assistants specialized in the treatment of trigger points, massage and energy training too.

Moreover, the cost of the training will be discussed with the patient based on personalized treatment designed by Stefano Tirelli and his team.