Postural Assessment and Orthotics

Posturology is a set of disciplines interacting with each other that analyze the different body segments, and aimed at maintaining functional balance, posture and the proprioceptive system of the body.

Through a session of postural assessment, you can define the possible existence of asymmetric joint-muscle which are often a contributory cause of problems such as neck pain, back pain, back pain, dizziness, unsteadiness of balance, headache, and chewing and/or digestive problems.

Through Ks Therapy “Dr. Fusco method”, Studio Stefano Tirelli offers the most innovative and effective type of insole, designed and customized for each individual. The “Active Medical Ks” insole is designed in accordance with the body, it is able to correct and modify the support of flat feet, returning to normal not only the imprint breech, but also postural deviations and symptoms associated with them; moreover it reduces the feeling of fatigue, improves balance and coordination.