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Stefano Tirelli and his staff have combined traditional training methods specific to the competitions of long duration with the energy activation techniques and implementation of mental health.

The marathon runner who goes at the Studio Tirelli is evaluated in the first session to aerobic, cardio-circulatory, proprioceptive and energy test in order to observe the basic features and to be able, therefore, to trace the path of training that includes 1 or 2 sessions per week to be made at Studio Tirelli and complete with traditional training outdoors.

The specificity of the TCS method is to stimulate not only the conditional capacities through traditional strength training and endurance to be carried out with loads of natural and using specific equipment, but also to improve the status of the acupuncture meridians through acupressure and other related non-invasive methods.

The TCS method applied to the marathon is complete with Mental Training exercises designed to strengthen the power of determination and focus on the objectives in the sports field.

The scientifically proven result by all of the TCS is an improvement on the performance and possibly on reducing the recovery time from injury, always follow the policy of stimulating the natural ability and performance of re-education that the human body has in itself.