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Stefano Tirelli has implemented the Complementary Sports Techniques for the welfare and needs of the athlete in general and in the specific player. The concept of the ‘holistic well-being’ of a sports person is at the heart of the philosophy of Complementary Sports Techniques. It is based on key elements that focus on achieving success and the realization of goals that have been identified and set between an athlete/sports person and Studio Stefano Tirelli right from the start of the collaboration. Well-being and functional rehabilitation methodologies, the focus of the activity for the football players, signify caring for the athlete above all as a person and not just someone who is a cog in the sporting world system. Stefano Tirelli’s vision of the athlete stems from the concept of interaction between mind and body and it is for this reason that our performance-training and functional rehabilitation methods are based on the results of scientific research carried out for increasing both athletic and mental potential.

Innovative Scientific Research

The techniques utilized for increasing athletic performance are a result of the work carried out by Prof. Stefano Tirelli who, with know-how and a touch of intuition, was able to combine the vast field of Western notions of athletic preparation with an equally wide range of well-being and functional rehabilitation methodologies drawn from diverse international cultures. Increased physical performance cannot be maintained at length if it is not sustained by a constant level of mental well-being. It is for this very reason that the staff at Studio Stefano Tirelli is involved in defining and achieving scientific protocols that at an international level confirm the validity of the method for improving athletic and mental well-being. The techniques utilized for an athlete’s well-being ensure preventative measures against injuries. Not only. They ensure optimum performance in so far as greater use is made of the athlete’s own strength and his/her many diverse capabilities. These techniques also have to do with rehabilitation training when injuries occur. Services provided for the athlete ensure a quicker and easier way of coping with daily routines that a sports person usually has to manage often resulting in wasting precious time and energy. Time and energy that is taken away from training time.

Frequent Updates

For people who are passionate about Studio Stefano Tirelli, opportunities are available that offer constant updates. This is possible thanks to courses organized by the company itself; the aim being to improve and implement knowledge of well-being that can consequently be transferred to the athlete. Our aim at Football Power is to improve athletes’ health and well-being, working conscientiously and ethically striving for improvements and also for self-improvement.