Energy Training

Energy Training (trademark registered by Stefano Tirelli) is a method developed and codified by Professor Tirelli which consists of stretching exercises associated with the energy meridians. The increase in the benefit of the Energy Training is given by relaxation and mental visualization techniques.

The purpose of the Energy Training is to make the energy flow of the meridians fluid and harmonious and, consequently, improve joint mobility and elastic capacity of the muscles. At the same time, the Energy Training teacher transmits concepts related to natural medicine and to mental training, important as the muscle one. To become Energy Training teachers students of physical education and therapists have to take a specific course of several months.

The Energy Training consists of a sequence of positions and muscle movements during the central part of the lesson that, overall, usually lasts one hour. In the first phase of warm-up are proposed stimulation exercises of movement joints, of small phalangeal carpal and tarsal joints, of the hip, shoulders, and of all other medium-large joints.