Course and individual session of Energy Training

Energy Training (TE) is a technique to stimulate the meridians through physical exercises designed and coded by Stefano Tirelli in the nineties. It includes techniques such as stretching and yoga and methodologies for the activation energy of the meridians such as tai chi and qi gong. To physical stimulation energy are associated gymnastic pain relief exercises, postural maintenance and muscle relaxation techniques derived from biofeedback.

The purpose of the TE is to make fluid and harmonious energy flow of the meridians and, consequently, improve joint mobility and elastic capacity of the muscles. At the same time, the TE teacher transmits concepts related to natural medicine and to the mental, vital as that muscle. To become TE teachers must have practiced a specific course of several months, which can be followed by students of physical education, physical therapists.

Energy Training provides a sequence of positions and movements, muscle and joint spaces in the central part of the lesson that, overall, usually lasts one hour. In the first phase of heating are proposed stimulation exercises joint movements, from small phalangeal joints carpal and tarsal to those of the hip, shoulders, and of all other medium-large joints.

The music is a constant and important part of the lesson, as it provides the athlete to focus more on their physical condition, thereby also increasing the proprioceptive abilities when, with eyes closed, focusing on the state of the body segments, finding mastery of one’s body and motion. The constant practice of the main exercises TE increases vitality energy, decreases the chance of injury and increases the speed of recovery.

The final stage of the session focuses on muscle relaxation and the ability to visualize goals to be achieved by means scientifically proven that link the brain to a level of maximum simultaneous activation of the two hemispheres. In general, we propose two or three times a week to be carried out mainly in the morning, perfect time of day to activate the flow of energy useful to improve the ability conditional and coordinative, of course, energy-psychic.

The TE helps your body to flow the energy freely during twenty-four hours in a harmonious way and makes the muscle tissues and joints more efficient, reducing the process of premature aging or caused by oxidative stress from overtraining.