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Thanks to the experience gained in different years, Stefano Tirelli could adopt Complementary Sports Techniques in professional basketball before in Olimpia Stefanel Milano (the last Milan team capable of winning the Scudetto and Coppa Korać before “Armani age”) and more recently in EA7 Armani Olimpia Milano.

Stefano Tirelli has implemented Complementary Sports Techniques for the welfare and needs of the athlete in general and specifically basketball player. The concept of ‘global welfare’ of the sport is central into the philosophy of Complementary Sports Techniques and is based on vital matters to the achievement of the objectives and achievements that the athlete and the Studio Stefano Tirelli define at the beginning of their collaboration.

At the center of activities aimed at the player, there are methods of wellness and functional rehabilitation which means take care of the athlete understood as a person and not as an object / subject of the sports system. Stefano Tirelli’s vision of the athlete stems from the concept of interaction between mind and body and it is for this reason that our performance-training and functional rehabilitation methods are based on the results of scientific research carried out for increasing both athletic and mental potential.