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Moxibustion and cupping

Moxibustion and cupping are two ancient natural methods that limit the damaging effects of cold towards the general metabolism, contractures [...]

Energy rebalancing shiatsu

Shiatsu (finger pressure) is an effective Japanese technique that acts on the energy meridians. The main function of this fascinating [...]


Tecartherapy is a treatment of bio-stimulation of the deep tissues of the body that combines the power produced by the [...]

Massage of the muscle-energy tissues

The energy channels encoded by acupuncture permeate the individual muscle and they will be directly or indirectly contaminated. Knowledge of [...]

Joint-muscle Training

The muscle-joint training is aimed to recovery of strength and Range of Motion which are essential for the healthy maintenance [...]

Analgesic Massage

Injuries and joints diseases can lead to the onset of pain of muscle chains that could restrict the mobility and [...]

Postural Assessment and Orthotics

Posturology is a set of disciplines interacting with each other that analyze the different body segments, and aimed at maintaining [...]

Mental Training

Mental training is a technique elaborated by Professor Tirelli that can allow you to speed up the recovery of reparative [...]

Sport Massage

The effects of cellular oxidation and their subsequent premature aging are very present in the tissues of top athletes. While [...]

Energy Training

Energy Training (trademark registered by Stefano Tirelli) is a method developed and codified by Professor Tirelli which consists of stretching [...]

Neuro-Muscular Taping

Neuro-Muscular Taping is an innovative technique that involves using skills draining or stabilizing of a tape that has excellent hypoallergenic [...]